Encounter With The Father One-on-One Ministry Session. (Ministry of Transformation)

What does it truly mean to know God as Father? In the midst of life's struggles, where can you find true rest? The Encounter With The Father is a transformative ministry encounter that facilitates honest dialogue between you and God. As you open your heart to Him, He shines light on hidden places, bringing healing, deliverance and peace like never before. Encounter With The Father is designed for all believers; no matter how long you have been on your walk with Christ or what ministry position you hold, there is always new wisdom that God has for you. Join us for an experience with God that will change your life. To book a One-on-One appointment, click here.



Ruth's Testimony

"Ever since the encounter/healing session, I have been able to see life differently. I have learned that deliverance does not always look like what we are used to, but it can be as simple as counseling and taking time to understand what the other person is going through. Before the Encounter, I had not shared many details about my life with anyone because I felt like I was okay and that everything in the past had already been buried. Yes, it’s true, that old things have passed away and all things have become new (2 Corinthians 5:17), but sometimes if we do not deal with certain issues, they tend to randomly arise in some point of our lives. I personally felt a huge relief and a weight lifted off my shoulders, which has allowed me to be more open with who the Lord has assigned to my life as spiritual leaders and mentors. A prerequisite for doing an encounter session is to read the book Ancient Paths by Craig Hill, which is one of the most amazing books ever! I recommend this book to anyone who is wondering why it may seem like they cannot move forward in life because of certain obstacles that seem to arise more often than they should. The encounter session is one of the reasons I recently decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mental Health and Wellness with an emphasis in Christian ministry. I absolutely love the program and I am super excited because I get to share my testimony dealing with mental health and help people through their situation as well. I want to encourage anyone reading this that there is hope! You can be free from whatever the enemy has been lying and saying you cannot be delivered from. "Your past is redeemed, your present makes sense and your future is SECURE"! Believe in the One who created you in His image and for a purpose. Remain blessed!" - Ruth N.

alexis' testimony

"Since God has delivered me from the spirit of rejection and lust, the only word I can use to describe my life is clear. I lived my life so long in bondage I forgot what it felt like to be free. You know when you can sense someone is behind without you having to turn around? That's how God has allowed me to sense him. I just know he's there. My thoughts are no longer consumed with lust. Usually, I couldn't resist it, and would fall to my knees to it. But I know that I'm free. It's like fighting like a toddler. I can either give into it or just as easily say no. Daily I have to say no. I  was SO used to thinking about sex, that after my deliverance at night I would get confused and not know what else to think. It was such a comfort zone for me. It's what I ran to, but then God would be like, "Think about me". It's funny how in the moment when my thoughts are consumed with Jesus, I don't have a desire to sin. I just want to make Him happy. The spirit of rejection still tries to raise its head up. Something would happen. The devil still sometimes will try to whisper in my ear, "See! What I tell ya, nobody cares about you". But  I have to remember that it only matters what God says about me. He says I'm fearfully and wonderfully made, He has created me for such a time as this, and He loves me!"

Samantha's Testimony

"I must admit that I began my first Encounter with the Father session a bit skeptical. At the time, I did not feel like I was struggling with anything specific and was unsure what to expect. However, the Holy Spirit spoke to me so powerfully and gently during the session, and the experience was transformative. I now understand the power of addressing God as "Father" and truly allowing His Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth.  As you open your heart to Him, He will give you exactly what you need in the moment."


“The Encounter With the Father” helped me to bring closure to issues I had been dealing with for years. I was a little nervous to participate at first because I am introverted, but it is truly a conversation with my Heavenly Daddy that I won’t soon forget. I am a new person becaue of the revelation of His love and truth and freedom through this encouter!”
-Ashley G.