mind of Christ

Keep Your Mind...God's In Control

This is for someone today….especially for those who love giving people “a piece of their mind”, or telling people off, or cutting people off. Take heed.

The urge to defend yourself as a Christian when someone does you ill or wrong is very strong, isn’t it? When you’re misunderstood, judged (and I use this word in its rightful meaning, not the “DON’T Judge me” jargon that’s been spewed around an…

d abused), and mistreated, it is a natural inclination to defend yourself. But the problem is, when we decide to do it, God sits back and allows us to do it, and He no longer becomes your defender. And we do such a bang-up job of it, that it makes us look worse than perceived! And for people that have personalities like mine (outgoing, love EVERYBODY, etc), it’s much harder for us.

But remember, Jesus “opened not His mouth”, when he was being reviled and talked about. He chose a disciple from the beginning that He knew would betray Him. He was judged, maligned, had people “defriend” him (I know…I know…they didn’t have facebook then, but it was MUCH worse!) So do you think you’re bigger and better than your Master now? Did you honestly think that you were exempt just because you get “likes” on your posts? Don’t be fooled into complacency. Be sober about the DAY you’re living in. Be discerning of the people around you. Don’t just listen to words. “See” past their words. Look at their actions. You will be hated by other “Christians” and the world for standing up for what’s right.

And as the Bible says, “As He is, so are WE in this world”. So just sit back, and let the Lord defend you. And finally, YOU STILL HAVE TO LOVE THEM. Sorry…can’t get past that. You MUST love. Sometimes saying NOTHING is your defense. Just let God handle this one. #speakingfromexperience