Testimonials from The Encounter With The Father



Justina S.

At the beginning of this year, I felt as though God was beginning to show me my true identity in him. He revealed many things to me about myself that I never knew about as well as breaking off and defeating lies that I thought were true. This greatly inspired and gave memotivation to seek more. Throughout this year, Ose Burnett has been a catalyst that sparked and allowed me to reach and achieve more. I respectfully view her as an agent of Christ because of the true compassion, love, and desire that she exhibits when preparing an environment that allows people to encounter God.  As God was illustrating my identity to me, he used her to break off things that were deterring me from reaching the place in which he was taking me. The encounter I had with her and Christ was remarkably poetic.  I went in with shackles and came out with the joy of freedom. God revealed to me that day how imperative forgiveness is to him.  He continued to provide revelations by using Ose Burnet to reveal the root of realized and unrealized pain that caused heart issues or problems in my life. To move forward and evolve, one’s roots are to be fixed so that the surface can be truly healed and transform. On that day, I left with healing and strategy to work with things that were hindering me. The encounter was truly amazing and life changing. Ose Burnett is a true inspiration and blessing in my life and I pray others encounter her, as God continues using her for his glory in Jesus name! Amen!


I thought God had dealt with all of the pain and brokenness in my heart. I was encouraged to read 'Ancient Paths', and He dealt with a whole lot more. I didn't think I really needed an Encounter with the Father session...I thought I was good. My childhood was fine. To my knowledge, the pain that needed to be dealt with had been dealt with...and I was all good. As I awaited my turn to sit in the chair...to tell my story...to see what God wanted to bring to the light...I rehearsed what I would say. Ose already knew my story. God, of course, already knew my story. I thought I would sound silly repeating it. I had just written a book on it! I briefly considered walking out of the room. I didn't need a turn.

My turn came before I could escape, and as I sat there, my body began to shake. I was terrified. I knew there was more and I was scared of what the more was. There was something that needed to be discussed. Let go of. And He didn't let me leave that space until it was dealt with. 

Something was brought to light from my childhood that I never thought affected me. Come to find out, it affected me so deeply that it had been determining the way I saw God and the way I thought I needed to get His and others' attention for many years. And as I sat there and wept, He simply reminded me of His love for me. He asked me to do some forgiving. But then He wrapped His arms around me and reminded me that I don't have to earn His love or approval. That He is a good, good Father. And that I don't have to put up a fight with Him, it's okay to let my guard down, to be His little girl. He assured me He is continuing to mend...and He has done just that. I wasn't 'all good'. I may never be 'all good'...and that's okay. We serve a God Who works on us little by little, in His timing, because He knows just how much we can take and He does not rush the process. I am thankful for this encounter with Him. My prayer since has been that everyone I know could experience their own.