Mission Statement

  • To win the church to Christ and leading people into an encounter with the Father through evangelism and worship, bringing true conversion, healing, and deliverance. (Isaiah 62:1)


  • Raise up Men and women, young and old, to be disciples of Jesus Christ and to win souls for His kingdom.
  • Bring healing and deliverance to broken and fragmented lives, through affirming their identity and destiny for their lives.
  • Cultivate a hunger for the authentic presence of Jesus Christ that leaves an everlasting imprint on a soul for eternity.
  • Prepare His bride for His return.
  • Facilitate an awakening to God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

“I must admit that I began my first Encounter with the Father session a bit skeptical. At the time, I did not feel like I was struggling with anything specific and was unsure what to expect. However, the Holy Spirit spoke to me so powerfully and gently during the session, and the experience was transformative. I now understand the power of addressing God as “Father” and truly allowing His Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth. As you open your heart to Him, He will give you exactly what you need in the moment.”
— Samantha M.

What We've Achieved

  • Completed 2 Live Recordings
  • Ministered at several events, (Bethel Campus Fellowship, Proclaim Freedom Crusade, Awake Baltimore Crusade
  • Encounter With The Father ministry events and One-on-one sessions for healing and deliverance.
  • Wise Woman (formally Whole Woman) 12-week discipleship program.