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Whole Women/Perfect Men 8-Week Young Adult Program (Ages 18-29)

The Lord placed on my heart 3 years ago to start a women's group. The focus would be to prepare young women for Jesus' return, and the scripture He gave me was Matthew 25, with the 5 wise and foolish virgins. The focus is inner healing and deliverance, but it's deeper. It is to make sure that they are the bridesmaids (virgins) with oil in their lamps are constantly and wholly prepared for His return. And now we have added a program for men called Perfect Men!


Perfect Men 8-Week Program with Niral Burnett Sr.!

The meetings are done every week for 8 weeks (Mondays for the men and Tuesdays for the women) via Video conferencing (Zoom)It is an 8-week process, which includes optional one-on-one sessions.

To sign up for the Whole Women or Perfect Men Program, please click the links below: